For practitioners, therapists, counsellors, clinicians who work with individuals, couples, families, wider systems.


“The life in which we as therapists are particularly interested comprises meanings and feelings which shift all the time: they are there for a second and have passed away the next second …”
(Tom Andersen)

Introductory training in Open Dialogue & dialogical practice: A foundation for practitioners in the dialogical approach
Dialogical practice is an emerging approach to family therapy, influenced by the Finnish model of care Open Dialogue (OD), which has emerged over 35 years of development, involving the monitoring of service provision and clinical practice, within an extensive training & supervision program.
This 4-day training is aligned with this Finnish OD approach to working with individuals, families and wider systems. It introduces core philosophical, & theoretical concepts and psychotherapeutic skills of Open Dialogue and dialogical practice, providing a firm foundation for practitioners in this approach.
There is a particular focus on the principles of Open Dialogue, open network meetings, dialogical reflecting within the therapeutic process, and the use of self to underpin various practice contexts.

Learning Goals:
– To be aware of philosophical and theoretical concepts which inform Open Dialogue & dialogical practice.
– To gain an understanding, observe and practice dialogical ideas and their application to differing practice contexts.
– To experience, observe and practice the elements of a dialogical approach to network meetings & family sessions.
– To increase understanding, observe and practice the dialogical therapeutic process and use of self.


The philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of the development of Open Dialogue and dialogical practice, with a particular focus on its emergence within family therapy.


The relevance of Open Dialogue and current dialogical thinking and practice to varying Australian work contexts, with a particular focus on the principles of Finnish Open Dialogue.


The elements of the dialogical approach to clinical practice in open network meetings and therapy sessions, with a particular focus on dialogical reflecting processes.


An understanding of the use of self within the dialogical therapeutic process, with a particular focus on moments of meeting and moments of mis-meeting in sessions.


Early Bird: $1200.00 before May 4, 2023

Regular: $1310:.00 after May 4, 2023

Includes morning and afternoon tea.


Stanton Library, Miller Street, North Sydney. Parking available close to training venue. Morning & afternoon tea is provided. Venue is close to coffee shops for lunch.


Early registration is advised. Numbers are limited in this practice – oriented training, with a focus on clinical practice, reflection, and experiential learning.


Cancellation until 2 weeks prior to training entails a refund of 80% of fee. No refund of fees after this time due to venue and admin costs.


Judith is a Social Worker and Couple and Family Therapist in private practice. She has extensive experience working as a Senior Social Worker in a tertiary level child and adolescent mental health clinic. Since observing Open Dialogue in Finland in 2011, Judith has engaged with, taught and written on the dialogical approach to clinical practice and research. She is internationally trained to supervise & train clinicians in Open Dialogue & dialogical practice. She provides introductory, development and advanced trainings, dialogical family-of-origin groups, and individual and group supervision.