Therapy Beyond Trauma
In fifty years of therapeutic experience with families from all over the world, Maurizio Andolfi found that the traumas that people suffered in early childhood and adolescence are long lasting and can affect personal identity and important family relations. Sudden or important losses, affective and physical abuses, role inversions, chronic diseases, family cut-off are conditions which are often “buried” and not spoken about for years. Family secrets and lies will develop through family myths and will be transmitted from one generation to another in critical moments of family life cycle, replacing authenticity and truth.
In this workshop, Prof Andolfi will outline his main ideas on trauma within family systems and describe his multi-generational method of understanding and dealing with these issues from a relational-systemic perspective. He will illustrate the importance of grieving, of self- disclosure as well as of sharing pain in the context of an intense and productive trauma-informed therapeutic experience. Through his clinical master sessions of the Multimedia Library of the Accademia, he will show how  to produce change, enabling  each member of the family  to move from a heavy, paralysing inner suffering to a new chance to experience family and community support and compassion and to overcome long term depression and sadness.

, is a Master Family Therapist, who started as a Child Psychiatrist. He lived in New York City in the early 70’s where he worked extensively in the South Bronx, and later in South Philadelphia with disadvantaged families of different ethnic groups. During his time in the USA, Andolfi studied in a number of prestigious Family Therapy Institutes, including the Family Studies Section of Bronx State Hospital, the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy and the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic with Salvador Minuchin and Jay Haley, as well as with Carl Whitaker in the following years.

Prof Andolfi was Professor of Psychology at La Sapienza-University of Rome, is Director of the Accademia di Psicoterapia Familiare in Rome and Editor-in-Chief of the Italian family therapy journal: Terapia Familiare. In 1999 he was the winner of an American Association of Marital & Family Therapy award for Special Contribution to Marital and Family Therapy and he got a life Achievement Award from the American Family Therapy Academy in 2016. He was the founder and President of the Foundation Silvano AndolJi and he was the Co-Founder of the European Family Therapy Association. He has published widely in English and several other languages. At the present moment he lives and practice in Perth, Western Australia.

Workshop Dates:

10 – 11 May, 2019 (Friday & Saturday)Venue:
The Glen Hotel
24 Gaskell Street, Eight Mile Plains, Queensland 4113


AAFT $710
Non AAFT $780


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