What do I need to know about AAFT and Supervision?

In applying for Clinical Membership, AAFT requires you to register your supervision arrangement prior to supervision taking place. This is so that you and your supervisor can clearly understand AAFT’s expectations regarding the supervision process.

So what do I need to do?

  • You and your Principal Supervisor need to both sign and date a Supervision Agreement and forward this to AAFT Administration. Once the Agreement is returned, your Supervisor will also receive a package of information, outlining what is expected of the supervision process.
  • You should read the Guidelines for Supervision found on this website.
  • You should read the Keeping a Log found on this website.

Please contact the AAFT Office for WORD versions of these documents.

Are there any AAFT requirements of my Supervisor and referee?

Yes. Both your Principal Supervisor and your referee need to have been fully financial Clinical Members of AAFT for at least 5 years. Or, in exceptional circumstances have been deemed by the Membership Committee to have had the equivalent. Your Principal Supervisor must have had direct experience of a minimum of five hours of your family therapy skills.

Remember, it is strongly recommended that you keep a copy of any documentation for your own records.

Once you feel you have met the Requirements for Clinical Membership of AAFT Inc., you can download the Clinical Application forms from the Clinical Membership page.