Date Title Time Location State Branch Rep
27 January A Nod to Carl Whitaker 6:30pm Regional (Online) Annette Coulter
3 March Opening a Can of Worms 7:00pm Vic (Online) Nina Levin
24 March Mentalization in Families 6:30pm QLD (Online) Raymond Ho
28 April Couples Art Therapy 6:30pm Regional (Online) Annette Coulter
8 May Should We Bring the Children? 9:00am – 4.30pm WA (Face-to-Face) Anne Holloway
26 May The Place of Hope in our Work 6:30pm ACT (Online) Alison McDonald
23 June A conversation with Ron Perry regarding current issues in Family Therapy 6:30pm – 8.30pm (EST) NSW (Online) Lyndal Power
8 July Single Session Therapy 7 – 8.30pm (EST) Vic (Online) VACANT
28 July Climate Anxiety 6:30pm TAS (Online) Anita Pryor
25 August Family Therapy Out-of-Doors 6:30pm TAS (Online) Anita Pryor
9 & 10 September National Conference WA (Online)(Face-to-Face) Anne Holloway
27 October Trauma Lens with Couples 6:30pm NSW (Online) Lyndal Power
24 November Families Experiencing Trauma 6:30pm QLD (Online) Raymond Ho
15 December Navigating Through Common Pitfalls in Adult Family Therapy 6:30pm ACT (Online) Alison McDonald


The Calendar will be continuously updated in the newsletter. Make sure we have your correct email details so that you can be kept advised of events via email as they approach.