Sarah Hamilton is conducting research across New Zealand and Australia on a new Supervision assessment tool, this research involves two projects that supervisees and supervisors can participate in. Ethical approval has been obtained for this research from Griffith University (GU 2015/835) and Metro South Health Research Ethics Committee (HREC/16/QPAH/458).

Study 2: The validation of the GSAT for use with video – the purpose of this study is to build a third party observation version of the GSAT, a tool used in giving supervisors feedback on their use of the supervisory competency items listed in the GSAT. We are seeking participating from a broad range of practitioners who participate in clinical supervision. Anyone who is interested they just need to email: and they are then sent a research pack which includes consent forms, GSAT’s, Demographics, password protected USB and pre-paid return bags. Participation involves consent from both supervisor and supervisee. The time commitment is the 1 hour of a normal standard supervision session with an additional 20-30 minutes to complete survey paperwork. Consenting participants can enter into a draw to win one of two $200 pre-paid visa cards.

Study 3: The confirmatory validation of the GSAT (Supervisor and Supervisee) – As part of the validation of the Generic Supervision Assessment Tool (GSAT) for use by supervisors and supervisees to reflect on the supervisors application of specific supervision skills you are invited to participate in an online survey monkey.  In participating in the survey you will complete brief demographic questions, the GSAT, and other brief supervision evaluation measures. Participants are not identified in this study. Completion time for the survey is 20 minutes and all participants on completion can enter the draw to win one of two $200 pre-paid visa cards.

Link to the online survey: