Re-membering Conversations and Internalised Other Interviewing (IOI) seek to reengage with significant people from personal history who have, in important ways, shaped who we have become. They belong to our life stories, to our prior selves. They contribute to a multivoiced, multibodied and multistoried sense of self. We will consider how people show this self to others and how they hold others in memory. Such explorations can have significant therapeutic implications.

Workshop Curriculum

 Producing the sense of a personal storied self
 Witnessing each other’s and our own storying making
 Performing and distributing the porous self: from autonomous being to becoming with others
 Relational resonance and relational dissonance
 Detailed guided exercises drawing from participants’ lives
 Narrative and neural creation: attention, intention, memory and repetition

Skills acquisition will include

 How to introduce these special kinds of conversations
 Understanding the importance of sequencing questions
 Plotting the effects of relational connections through time and context
 Creating agency within complex shades of meaning
 Expanding future stories of preferred relational selves and life

As people learn in different ways, this training will be facilitated through a variety of teaching methods including

 skills building demonstration interviews
 guided exercises
 roleplays
 small groups as supportive audiences
 large group discussions
 scenarios from therapy

Fee $440 (incl GST) Morning and afternoon refreshments included
DATE: Thursday 26 and Friday 27 July – 9.30 – 4.00pm
Venue Conference Room, Saint Catherine’s House, 113 Tyler St, Tuart Hill
Certificate Trainees will receive a professional development certificate.
Registration Please complete and send the Registration Form below. Confirmation of your place in the training will be emailed only after full payment is made.

Further information Ian Percy 0422 498 607

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