These highly regarded practice-based trainings use a discovery learning approach that is both guided and experiential. They may be facilitated through a variety of methods including

  • exercises designed to explore the foundations of thinking and practice
  • demonstration interviews
  • role-plays to try out new skills
  • group discussions to understand the ideas and practices more fully
  • the detailed unpacking of scenarios from individual, couple, and family therapy
  • reading seminal articles and other literature

The trainings are sequenced and graduated to allow participants to develop their understandings of both the simplicity and complexity of narrative practices. Hands-on skills will enable the application of skills to participants’ work settings. Please ask for free literature on any workshop.

Please Note: Previous workshops were FPS (Focused Psychological Strategy) Relevant Activities and the 2018 workshops will seek this accreditation.

If you are interested, or know of colleagues who might be looking for a thorough training in creative narrative approaches, please enrol soon as there are limited places.