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January 2019

Centre for Existential Practice

Trauma, Loss & Family Resources

Therapy Beyond Trauma
In fifty years of therapeutic experience with families from all over the world, Maurizio AndolJi found that the traumas that people suffered in early childhood and adolescence are long lasting and can affect personal identity and important family relations. Sudden or important losses, affective and physical abuses, role inversions, chronic diseases, family cut-off are conditions which are often “buried” and not spoken about for years. Family secrets and lies will develop through family myths and will be transmitted from one generation to another in critical moments of family life cycle, replacing authenticity and truth.
In this workshop, Prof Andolfi will outline his main ideas on trauma within family systems and describe his multi-generational method of understanding and dealing with these issues from a relational-systemic perspective. He will illustrate the importance of grieving, of self- disclosure as well as of sharing pain in the context of an intense and productive trauma-informed therapeutic experience. Through his clinical master sessions of the Multimedia Library of the Accademia, he will show how  to produce change, enabling  each member of the family  to move from a heavy, paralysing inner suffering to a new chance to experience family and community support and compassion and to overcome long term depression and sadness.

, is a Master Family Therapist, who started as a Child Psychiatrist. He lived in New York City in the early 70’s where he worked extensively in the South Bronx, and later in South Philadelphia with disadvantaged families of different ethnic groups. During his time in the USA, Andolfi studied in a number of prestigious Family Therapy Institutes, including the Family Studies Section of Bronx State Hospital, the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy and the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic with Salvador Minuchin and Jay Haley, as well as with Carl Whitaker in the following years.

Prof Andolfi was Professor of Psychology at La Sapienza-University of Rome, is Director of the Accademia di Psicoterapia Familiare in Rome and Editor-in-Chief of the Italian family therapy journal: Terapia Familiare. In 1999 he was the winner of an American Association of Marital & Family Therapy award for Special Contribution to Marital and Family Therapy and he got a life Achievement Award from the American Family Therapy Academy in 2016. He was the founder and President of the Foundation Silvano AndolJi and he was the Co-Founder of the European Family Therapy Association. He has published widely in English and several other languages. At the present moment he lives and practice in Perth, Western Australia.

Workshop Dates:

10 – 11 May, 2019 (Friday & Saturday)Venue:
The Glen Hotel
24 Gaskell Street, Eight Mile Plains, Queensland 4113


On or Before 25/01/2019 On or Before 28/02/2019 From 01/03/2019
AAFT $570 $640 $710
Non AAFT $630 $700 $780


For further information: 0412 460 928 or email:

December 2018

2019 Professional Development in Narrative Therapy – WA

Half day Essentials of Narrative Therapy (in plain English) Special low fee
Half  day  workshop  Thu  21  February  9.00am  to  12.30pm
Early bird until Fri 25 Jan $88 (incl GST) / Full $99 (incl GST)

An Introduction to Narrative Approaches in Therapy
Four day workshop split into two parts (two days each)
Part One: Fri 15 March – Sat 16 March, 9.00am to 4.30pm
Part Two:   Fri 3 May – Sat 4 May, 9.00am to 4.30pm

Integrating Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy
Two  day  workshop  Fri  5  April  –  Sat  6  April,  9.00am  to  4.30pm
Early bird until Fri 8 Mar $440 (incl GST) / Full $484 (incl GST)

Beyond Trauma: Storied, Embodied, Political
Two day workshop Fri 12 April – Sat 13 April 9.00am to 4.30pm
Early bird until Fri 15 Mar $440 (incl GST) / Full $484 (incl GST)

Slowing down NEW
One day workshop Wed 15 May 9.30am to 4.00pm
Early bird until Wed 17 Apr $220 (incl GST) / Full $242 (incl GST)

Re-membering Conversations and Internalised Other Interviewing
Two day workshop Fri 7 June – Sat 8 June 9.00am to  4.30pm
Early bird until Fri 10 May $440 (incl GST) / Full $484 (incl GST)

Integrating Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy
Early bird until Fri 15 Feb $880 (incl GST) / Full $935 (incl GST)

Expanding Narrative Approaches in Therapy
Four day workshop split into two parts (two days each)
Part One:  Fri 2 August – Sat 3 August  9.00am to 4.30pm
Part Two:  Fri 18 October – Sat 19 October 9.00am to 4.30pm
Early bird until Fri 28 Jun $880 (incl GST) / Full $935 (incl GST)

Beyond Trauma: Storied, Embodied, Political
Details to be confirmed

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Contact Ian Percy on 0422 498 607 or if you have any questions

Important Message from the Committee Dec 2018

Dear AAFT member,

The Committee of management have expanded the membership categories to be more inclusive of all those who have an interest in and work with families, not only practitioners who are or wish to become family therapists.

AAFT Inc. has expanded its membership levels. For 2019, two new membership levels, General Membership and Professional Membership, replace the existing Associate Membership.  The Clinical Membership category remains.  All former Associate Members are now Professional Members or will need to indicate they better qualify as a General member. All members now have voting rights in AAFT.

The AAFT membership category descriptions are as follows:

  1. Clinical Family Therapist Member

Clinical Family Therapist Membership shall be open to any applicant who is a practising family therapist, who has demonstrated competence in the practice of family therapy, and has satisfied the committee of their qualifications for membership in accordance with the criteria for Clinical Membership determined by the Committee of Management.
The practice of a Clinical Family Therapist Member must accord with the AAFT Code of Ethics. 
Only a Clinical Family Therapist Member can identify themselves as a “Clinical Family Therapist (AAFT)” or “Family Therapist AAFT.”  

  1. Professional Member

Professional Membership is open to any applicant who is a practising therapist or counsellor and who holds a degree in Health Science, Social Science, Education or equivalent. They must be eligible to be registered with AHPRA or PACFA and/or be eligible for membership of a Professional association (eg. APS, AASW, OTAus, PACFA College). The applicant will satisfy the committee that they meet the criteria for Professional Membership determined by the Committee of Management.
A Professional Member is encouraged to align their practice with the AAFT Code of Ethics, however their practice is ultimately bound and adjudged by their own professional Code of Ethics.
Professional Membership does not entitle a member to identify themselves as a “Clinical Family Therapist (AAFT)” or “Family Therapist AAFT”.  

  1. General Membership

General Membership is open to any applicant who does not meet the requirements for Clinical Family Therapist or Professional Membership, but has some relevant training in the practice of family focused work. Applicants must satisfy the committee that they meet the criteria to be a General Member as determined by the Committee of Management.
This Membership category is open to students, retired, non-practicing practitioners or those who have an interest and/or training in the practice of family focused work.
A General Member is encouraged to align their practice with the AAFT Code of Ethics; however their practice is ultimately bound and adjudged by their own professional Code of Ethics or employer.
A General Member is not entitled to identify themselves as a “Clinical Family Therapist (AAFT)” or “Family Therapist AAFT”.   

All forms associated with AAFT membership can be located on the AAFT website:

To make a payment please go to:

If you are a current member of AAFT and would like to change your details or receive other services from AAFT such as a hard copy of the ANZJFT or get listed on referral services, please download the contact details update form and return to the AAFT administration:


Margaret Hodge
President, AAFT

Clinical Group Supervision

This group supervision is for those practitioners who have had family therapy training and wish to continue maintaining their skills and confidence in working with families or for those who are interested in working systemically with a family sensitive lens with their clients.

“Family sensitive practice is the idea of being sensitive to families in a general way for people not necessarily training as family therapists but who are working with families.” (Amaryll Perlesz, Bouverie Centre, Melbourne).

Objectives of Supervision

  • To create a confidential, safe and supportive environment.
  • To critically reflect on professional practice.
  • To enhance quality client services by improving one’s practice, encouraging reflection on attitudes towards clients and their families’ problems by cultivating self-awareness and responsibility for your own clinical practice.
  • As Anne is an accredited Clinical Family Therapist Supervisor with AAFT, these hours can contribute to Clinical Membership of AAFT as a Family Therapist.
  • Limited Places Available.


  • 2 hours monthly on a Saturday morning.
  • Sessions will be experiential including case discussion, use of role plays and sculpting techniques to review Supervisees’ work.
  • Supervisees’ to consider ‘Live” supervision by inviting clients’ families for a consultation with the Supervisor as co-therpaist and the rest of the group as the reflecting team.

 Your Supervisor

Anne Holloway was previously part of the training team at William Street Family Therapy Centre for many years and has recently provided Supervision and Training to Clinicians’ in various government and non-government agencies including Child and Adolescent Clinics in the Perth Metro Area; Helping Minds and Palmerston Farm (therapeutic Community). Anne currently receives individual mentoring supervision for clinical practice and monthly Supervision for Training and Supervision Programmes. Anne’s qualities as a Supervisor are open, honest, aware of own strengths and challenges, self-reflecting, able to give and receive constructive feedback, empathise, support and challenge where appropriate.

Contact – Anne on 0407 991 495 or Email |

A Study of a Special Needs Family (with Systemic & Individual Complexities)

Come and enjoy

  • A film and afternoon discussion of a special needs child and complexities of the family system.
  • Enjoy the Hellen Keller Story “The Miracle Worker” (2000) DVD
  • GUIDED DISCUSSION of the family system in place – & complexity.
  • Discussion of the courage, resilience, support and awareness needed– ie.the value of therapists, spiritual healers & teachers…
  • Discussion of how you might work with complex families to help them thrive

A ‘Quiet Reflection’- on Courage & Resourcefulness

When:         Monday 17th Dec                 
Time:           3.0-6.30pm (2.50 arrive please)
Where:       Library, Armagh 226 Kooyong Rd Toorak
Cost:            $55.00
Facilitator:  Kate Barrett-Lennard

Who Is This For?

It is for therapists, counsellors, social workers, social trainers, carers, psychologists, teachers, and doctors; professionals working with complex families-seeking better client outcomes.  It is also for anyone seeking to understand a particular child or even their own parenting –better.The film is a heartfelt and inspiring true story from which so much can be learned to develop your skills in systemic work. Come and take your understanding of family system complexities to another level – in a context of loving, and client-centred regard.

Kate Barrett-Lennard

Kate has worked 30 years in individual couple and family counselling and related fields. MA-Family Therapy, B.Sc., B.S.W., AGCManagement, Body Centred Psychotherapist, EAP counsellor & Clinical Supervisor also Student of Metaphysics.  She is in private practice in Toorak and Skype with WA and NSW. Her work is deeply insightful and sensitive – empowering people to break old systemic patterns and develop thriving relationships and personal visions. Come and be amazed at how valuable it is to understand a family system when seeking to support a child or individual.  All  welcome.

Download more info and registration HERE