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April 2021

March 2021

AAFT INC. 39th Annual General Meeting 25.3.2021

AAFT INC. 39th Annual General Meeting
To be held via Zoom
Date:  Thursday, 25th March, 2021

7.00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. (EST)



  1. Apologies:
  1. Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting held in Broadway Room, Rydges Hotel, on Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria at 5.15 p.m.
  1. MOTION: “That the Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting be endorsed as accurate and correct.




  1. Reports:

5.1       President’s Report

5.2       Treasurer’s Report

5.3       Secretary’s Report

5.4       Clinical Membership Report

5.5       Training and Accreditation Development Report

5.6       Children’s Book Award Report

5.7       Publication committee’s report

5.8       Office Manager’s Report

5.9       Branches Convener’s Report

  1. Election of Office Bearers
  2. Election of Ordinary Members
  3. Questions/Discussion
  4. 2020 Book Award Presentations

February 2021

Professional Development at William Street Family Therapy Centre WA

One-Week Intensive Training Course (Level 2) in Family and Relationship Therapy
19-23 April 2021 (9.00am – 5.00pm) (WST)

This Level II course is intended for practitioners of Family and Relationship Therapy who already have basic training in Systems Theory and its application. The course will focus on how to use ‘Systems’ knowledge to plan Therapeutic Strategies, what to do after the Assessment, implementing different Therapeutic Models, using your Therapeutic Skills and Handicaps, and how you can make better use of your personal attributes as a therapist.

Throughout the week, you will explore your role as a therapist, make use of role plays and simulations, review video tapes of interviews and work with/observe ‘live’ interviews. Time will be allocated for discussion of practical and theoretical issues in therapy.  Also, you will be able to explore your professional handicaps and learn to use them to your advantage.

Cost: Regular: $891 (Includes GST) if paid after 26 March 2021
Earlybird: $836 (Includes GST) if paid on or before 26 March 2021
Fees include tea & coffee & light lunch each day
Cancellation Policy: No cancellation available, however, place transferable to third party.
Places:  Limit of 15 places
More Information and Registration

Angela Ranallo (Child & Family Therapist)
“Window of Tolerance: Making Sense of Effects of Trauma with Children, Young People & Families”
TWO-DAY WORKSHOP (12&13 March 2021 9.30am – 4.30pm) (WST)

We all operate within & out of the window of tolerance at different times in different situations & relationships.  Our emotional relationships or reactions are influenced by multiple factors during interactions with others.

Trauma has the potential of bringing about disruptions to personal neurobiological, psychological, emotional & social development, with implications on various relational domains. The Window of Tolerance (Dan Siegel 2009) is a visual & concrete metaphor that enables us to talk about & make sense of the tolerable/intolerable feelings, sensation, thoughts & actions.

This two-day workshop will demonstrate how the Window of Tolerance may be used as a therapeutic tool for contextual mapping movements on the edges of, & in and out of the Window of Tolerance & explore difference, & discover/reconnect with moments & stories of resilience & hope.

This workshop outlines therapeutic practices of engaging with the acting, feeling, thinking self, with attention to the: body; senses; relationships & connections in time & space in creative ways. Contemporary family therapy facilitates the therapeutic work with children & families encompassing the frameworks of ‘Working with Children in Context’, ‘Relational Self’, & ‘Working with effects of Abuse & Trauma’.

Intellectually, the frameworks are made sense of separately, drawing from systemic family therapy, social construction, narrative ideas and practices, attachment, developmental & trauma theories & the arts.  However, in practice within the therapeutic spaces the integration of ideas blend to co-create a symphony-like quality that reflects the musicians playing & often between the edges of order & chaos = ‘Chaord’.

This workshop is influenced by the children, young people & families Angela works with and by the works of many teachers such as D Siegel; S Porges; B Perry; D Hughes; P Ogden; R Meares; B van der Kolk; Judy Atkinson; B Rothschild; Michael White. & others.
More Information and Registration

Professional Training Workshop
Rosemary Watkins: Conversations Within and Between
A Two-Day Workshop Fri & Sat, 19 & 20 March 2021

Rosemary Watkins presents her understanding of “Internal Family Systems” based on the work of Richard Schwartz and his colleagues.

It is a model that can be used very effectively with many individual clients and they can be encouraged to use it at home, at work or in other settings. It is also suitable for your work with couples and families.

Clients can come to understand and work with aspects of their lives that either they themselves (or their partners) are not comfortable with, such as: workaholic tendencies, addictions, outbursts of anger or rage; withdrawing/closing off behaviours; anxious/worrying/ruminating behaviours. The insight and new understandings derived can lead to changes that bring about a freer and more enjoyable way of living life, whilst encouraging the client to discover an internal resource of a ‘best-self’ leader in his/her own life.

‘Conversations’ workshop offers exploration of:

  • ‘Internal Family Systems’ and how it links with Family Therapy
  • Identifying and assisting clients to understand and work with their unique internal family drawing on the use of creative visualisation techniques.
  • Understanding and working with the ‘Three – Group System’ which clients are likely to have internalised.
  • The concept of ‘Self’- how it is similar and different to its use in other models.
  • The Therapist’s internal family. Who leads in the therapy session?

Exploration over two days allows for practice opportunities that can facilitate the development of your own creativity, thereby enhancing and deepening your own style of therapeutic conversations with clients.
More Information and Registration

MAURIZIO ANDOLFI: Professor in Residence @ William Street Family Therapy Centre
ONE-DAY WORKSHOP (Sat 22 May 2021) (WST) 

The William Street Family Therapy Centre is proud to offer this one-day Workshop by a world-famous Master Family Therapist & Master Teacher:

Grandparents are an essential developmental resource for the wellbeing of the younger generation. They are primary attachment figures, providing love, care, wisdom and emotional stability to their grandchildren. They also have an important role in mediating conflict between the two generations: their children and their grandchildren.  When there is family adversity: hostile divorce; sudden loss; difficult single-parenting; risky or pathological adolescent behaviour; or family adjustments: adoption; migration; & other adjustments, grandparents can provide valuable guidance and emotional support.

Unfortunately, grandparental resources are greatly neglected in psychotherapy and counselling.  Interventions for an individual problem or symptom, generally focus on the symptom-bearer, ignoring the resources of other members of the family such as  parents, siblings and even more so, the older generation.  In this workshop, Maurizio Andolfi will outline the main elements of his multigenerational approach. He will demonstrate how and when to invite grandparents as consultants in therapy, when grandchildren are either in danger, or feeling lonely or abused.  Maurizio will present his multi-generational approach through clinical cases and video material. This is a workshop not to be missed!!
More Information and Registration

One-Week Intensive Training Course in Family and Relationship Therapy (Level I)

28 June – 2 July 2021 (9.00am – 5.00pm) (Australian Western Standard Time)

This Level I Intensive Training Course in Family & Relationship Therapy provides an introduction to Systems Theory and its application to therapy with families and couples.  A major part of the course will focus on thorough assessment, development of therapeutic hypotheses and formulation of goals in therapy.

Throughout the week, you will explore your role as a therapist, make use of role plays and simulations, review video tapes of interviews and work with/observe ‘live’ interviews. Time will be allocated for discussion of practical and theoretical issues in therapy.

Cost: Regular: $902 (Includes GST) if paid after 28 June 2021
Earlybird: $847 (Includes GST) if paid by 28 June 2021

Cancellation Policy: No cancellation available, but place transferable to third party.

Places: Limit of 15 places
Venue: William Street Family Therapy Centre, 544 William Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050 (cnr Chelmsford Road)

Facilitators: Staff, William Street Family Therapy Centre

CLICK HERE for more information and registration

Phone: (08) 9227 8038
Fax: (08) 9227 8938

The Bouverie Centre’s 2021 Professional Development Calendar is out now!

Looking for professional development opportunities? The Bouverie Centre’s 2021 Professional Development program is now online.

We have developed and will be offering a number of new courses responding to the changing needs of families, communities and services, especially in the space of relational and attachment trauma, family violence and mental health. You will also find our signature courses on the calendar.

These courses will be offered in a range of formats – from self-paced online training to companion implementation focused training and live stream online training. All this to allow you flexibility in how you access your training.

View and download our program here or visit and start booking in your place now!


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