Dear enthusiastic family therapist,

We are so glad you are reading the Bulletin but would love you to be even more involved. Your state, territory or regional representative works hard to organize on-line PD but would appreciate your support to do more.
We aim to offer our members face to face events which would allow you to meet other family therapists in your region, share a drink or a meal and support each other.

Some state representatives have organized peer supervision and article discussion groups while others have focused on gatherings to introduce people who share a a similar view.
It’s a big job for one representative and more fun when run by a group, so please, contact your state rep and become part of the growing community of Australian family therapists.

Deisy Amorin-Woods (WA)
Raymond Ho (QLD)
Catherine Williams (SA)
Lyndal Power (NSW)
Annette Coulter (NSW – RURAL and ACT)
Dr Gávi Ansara (VIC)
Anita Pryor (TAS)

Please contact with any questions or queries.