The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy

A journal for practitioners and academics

The ANZJFT is reputed to be the most-stolen professional journal in Australia! It is read by clinicians as well as by academics, and each issue includes substantial papers reflecting original perspectives on theory and practice.

With Michael White as its first Editor from 1979 to 1984, the Australian Journal of Family Therapy established a proud tradition of theoretical speculation, humour and the celebration of clinical success. Under its second Editor, Max Cornwell (1985-1996), the journal widened and deepened to become a refereed journal of international standard, The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy . Editors Hugh Crago and Maureen Crago (1997-2008) worked tirelessly and nurtured countless new authors over many years, and Paul Rhodes, Glenn Larner, and Alistair Campbell (2008-2010) worked to produce a lean and sharp journal, with a focus on integrating evidence-based research with systemic theory and practice in the field.

The current Editor, Glenn Larner continues to build on this foundation, harnessing talents and resources on the local scene and soliciting contributions from key international figures. Today the journal, known as the ANZJFT , aims to represent family therapy, as well as other therapy approaches that can broadly be described as relational, systemic or contextual. It continues to publish on topics of research, practice and theory, with a special ambition to showcase reader-friendly papers relevant to all family-sensitive practice.

All articles are blind refereed and peer reviewed.

The ANZJFT is in the process of becoming the publication journal for the newly formed Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT).

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The editor of ANZJFT welcomes submissions from scholars, researchers, educators and practicing family therapists. ANZJFT seeks to provide a space for you to share your experiences, reflections, ideas and insights. The development of the field depends on this vital exchange, and we therefore strongly encourage submissions from authors on a range of topics including theory, training, supervision, research and practice in family therapy.

By submitting to ANZJFT you will benefit from: 

  • the prestige of publishing in a leading international journal with a 2011 Impact Factor of 1.154
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  • exposure to scholars and practitioners around the world in the field of family therapy
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AAFT already offers the ANZJFT online as part of your membership fees. In 2014, as a new benefit to members, AAFT will also offer access to other online journals in addition to ANZJFT. These can be accessed through the “members’ login” section of the website. Through this service you will also be able to access Professional Development recordings and other exclusive resources that are only available to members of AAFT.

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Award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy in Australia Honour Roll

1994- Margaret Topham and Moshe Lang

1995- Family Centre, Anglican Social Services, Lower Hutt, Aotearoa/NZ

1996- Bouverie Centre

1997- Colleen Brown
1998- Max Cornwell

1999- Kerrie James

2000- VAFT

2001- Brian Stagoll

2002-David Epston

2003- Anne Sved-Williams

2004- QAFT & Malcolm Robinson (Special 25th Anniversary Award)]

2005- Carmel Flaskas

2006 – Tom Paterson

2007- Helen Pavlin

2008 – Glenn Larner

2009 – Amaryll Perlesz

2010 – Hugh and Maureen Crago

2011- Catherine Sanders

2012 – Laurie MacKinnon

2013 – Carolyn Quadrio

2014 – Banu Moloney

2015 – Pam Rycroft

2016 – Christine Hunt

2017 – Jeff Young

2018 – Jenny Brown

2019 – Elizabeth Shaw

2020  Maurizio Andolfi,

2021 Aldo Gurgone