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Lapsed Membership

Grandfathering Clause for Applicants outside of Victoria

Requirements for Clinical Membership (for Victorian applicants)

Guidelines for Special Consideration Application for Clinical Membership.

AAFT Rules of Association

The Accreditation Committee wishes to point out a number of issues that have arisen since the inception of AAFT.  These are:

  • A reminder for Interstate and New Zealand – enquirers who are looking at applying for Clinical Membership to AAFT – the Grandfathering clause applies for those who have had some affiliation with their previous State Associations throughout Australia and N.Z. and/or who believe that they might fit the criteria for Clinical Membership.  Criteria and application processes are available on the AAFT website.
  • The steps you would need to take if you are wishing to apply for Clinical Membership is that you must first and foremost take out Associate Membership to AAFT if you have not already done so, again how to do this is on the AAFT website.  Once you are an Associate Member you can then work towards becoming a Clinical Member.
  • For ALL Interstate potential applicants, you MUST accompany your Clinical Membership application with either a letter of attestation, support documentation or verification of your suitability to attain Clinical Membership from someone within your State/Country who would be able to provide that information and preferably someone who is already known to AAFT.  We appreciate that some will not have had any previous contact with Family Therapists within their State/Country so if this is the case, AAFT will provide you with a local contact  with whom you will need to have a conversation about how to proceed.
  • This process also applies to questions around the appropriateness/eligibility of training courses in individual States.  The suitability of training courses to support your application must be verified from someone from within your State/Country until such time as more training courses around Australia/NZ are accredited with AAFT.  Again we can provide you with details of contact people in order to have this conversation.

The current members of the Accreditation Committee are not positioned to know in detail either the suitability of the applicant or the courses that they have completed if living outside of Victoria, so the above processes must be adhered to in order to ensure that any person with either insufficient qualifications, or qualifications that are not aligned to Family Therapeutic work or indeed if there are other concerns generally about a potential applicant then this must dealt with first and foremost by the home State of residence.

  • Just a reminder that when you send in support documentation with your application that may include details of client work you must de-identify the family name for confidentiality reasons.  We have discovered an increase in examples of specific client work accompanying an application, which in and of itself enhances the understanding of the therapeutic process  that has taken place for the assessors however has not been de-identified posing obvious confidentially concerns.  Please ensure that this is noted and actioned.

ACCREDITATION COMMITTEE: Margaret Hodge (Convener) and George Giuliani


Requirements for Clinical Membership of AAFT Inc
Clinical Membership is open to Associate Members who are practising Family Therapists who have demonstrated sufficient commitment to and competence in the practice of family therapy and have satisfied the Accreditation Committee of their qualifications for membership in accordance with the criteria below:

1. Associate Membership
It is a pre-requisite that applicants hold Associate membership with AAFT.

2. Training
Applicants for Clinical Membership of the Australian Association of Family Therapy Inc. (AAFT) should have successfully completed 250 hours of training, 175 of which should have been within a 2 year training program in family therapy that has been accredited with the Association. Once 250 hours of family therapy training have been completed, the trainee is deemed to be a Probationary family therapist and the supervision requirement for membership can begin, once the convenor of the Accreditation Committee is notified.

3. Experience
Applicants must have had at least 500 hours of family therapy practice as the primary therapist. These hours may be counted from the commencement of training. A log must be kept of families seen. This should be endorsed (signed) by a supervisor.
N.B. This should include some work with two generations in the room.

4. Supervision

  • (i) Applicants must complete a total of 50 hours of supervision, either on a 1:1 basis or within a group of up to 6 supervisees. Supervision can only be accredited after completing 250 hours of family therapy training.
    N.B. Group supervision must involve the active participation of all group members.
  • (ii) Of the 50 hours required, a minimum of 5 of those need to have been supervised directly, that is, with the supervisor in the room, behind a one-way screen, or via audio or video tape. The applicant’s work that has been supervised directly must have been with at least two different families. This work needs to have taken place following the completion of the required 250 training hours.
  • (iii) Any supervisory arrangement needs to be registered with the Accreditation Committee Convenor prior to supervision taking place. Whilst more than one supervisor may provide supervision, applicants need to have registered the name of their Principal Supervisor. This person is expected to oversee that the applicant has completed a family therapy log, and met all the other requirements for clinical membership.

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5. Supervisor and Referee Reports
Applicants must provide reports from both a Principal Supervisor and a second referee, both of whom need to have had clinical membership of AAFT for at least 5 years or, in exceptional circumstances have been deemed by the Accreditation Committee to have had the equivalent (Click on the links below to download a copy of the Principal Supervisor’s Report or a copy of the Referee’s Report). Please note, a nomination for clinical membership form must also be completed.

The Principal Supervisor must have had direct experience of a minimum of five hours of the applicant’s family therapy skills, as specified in 4.ii).

6. Individual Assessment
An application for clinical membership of the Association will be assessed by the Accreditation Committee appointed for this purpose. The committee has the authority to accept or reject any application. Any variation to the above would need to be endorsed by this Committee.

2017 ANNUAL FEE $430.00

Clinical Membership Application

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