Within recent years AAFT has undertaken the challenging task of accrediting family therapy training courses within – and more recently outside – the State of Victoria.  This process has simplified the task of registering appropriately trained family therapists.

AAFT now wishes to further professionalise the association by beginning the process of registering appropriately qualified supervisors.  Up to this time, a member of AAFT could have become a supervisor by being a clinical member of the association for five years.  Professional bodies now recognise that a simple passage of time does not necessarily prepare a clinical member to be a suitable supervisor.  Further expertise can be identified and spelled out.

The task of registering appropriately qualified supervisors was made complex because there are few professional courses for training supervisors. In order to start and encourage the process of registration of supervisors, AAFT is offering two pathways (outlined below).  Successful applicants will go onto a database of accredited supervisors on the AAFT website.  There is no cost for this registration.