Part One
A special reduced-fee professional training

While various methods of mindfulness bring an experiential awareness of the moment-to-moment transitory nature of experiences, a relational and dialogical narrative approach highlights the significance of personal history and the sociocultural in our lives. This workshop will offer many opportunities for trainees to try out various skills in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere as we bring together some of the key ideas and practices of mindfulness and Narrative Therapy.

Course Curriculum

Participants will be offered a series of guided mind training and mindfulness practices to enhance attentional and emotional balance. From these experiences, and the workshop discussions and exercises, we will collaboratively construct therapeutic approaches that blend mindfulness with storied ways of making sense of life and relationships. Exercises highlighting the importance of embodied mindful awareness in therapy will build knowledges and skills for working with feelings, thoughts, actions, and felt-senses.

Training segments will include:

  • Minding the body: what’s most obvious?
  • No hard feelings: attraction, dislike, and distraction
  • Mindfulness isn’t what you think…or is it: mindfulness and remembering
  • Mindfulness, introspection, and critical reflection: how are they related?

Enhanced skills acquisition will include

  • Attending to somatic movements as expressions of distress, as statements of position, and as entry points to preferred storylines
  • Practices of therapeutic mindfulness, brief mindfulness meditation, mindfulness in daily life
  • How to create purposeful narrative-informed questions to enhance therapeutic outcomes
  • How to be attentive to somatic and verbal unique outcomes or exceptions to the problem/s storyline
  • Storying constructive initiatives through time and context: somatic, affective resonance and mental perception
  • Narrative and mindfulness as pathways to new and valued experiences of life and relationships
  • Sustaining initiatives through somatic and storied lives


Dr Ian Percy MSW PhD is a senior therapist, supervisor, consultant, trainer and published author in narrative and mindfulness approaches. He is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and an Accredited Psychotherapy Supervisor with The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Since 1997 Ian has taught Narrative Therapy to to over 1200 professionals including social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, psychotherapists, nurses, teachers, chaplains, and occupational therapists. He has trained with prominent leaders in the field including Michael White, David Epston, Alan Jenkins, Jill Freedman and Karl Tomm. Ian has also trained in systemic and solution-focused therapies. He has given workshops and papers at state, national and international conferences, and received two university awards for academic excellence. In 2016 he was a Plenary Speaker on spiritualities at the 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health held in Singapore. As well, Ian has studied and practiced various forms of meditation, including mindfulness approaches, for 40 years. His recently completed PhD thesis researched the similarities and differences between therapeutic mindfulness in Australia and Bhutan.

Further information Ian Percy 0422 498 607

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