While various methods of mindfulness can bring an awareness of moment-to-moment experience, a
relational narrative approach highlights personal history and the sociocultural in relationships. This
workshop will offer many opportunities for trainees to try out various skills in a relaxed and supportive
atmosphere as we bring together some of the key ideas and practices of mindfulness and Narrative Therapy.

Course Curriculum
Participants will be offered a series of guided mind training and mindfulness practices to enhance attentional and emotional balance. From the workshop discussions and exercises we will collaboratively construct therapeutic approaches that blend mindfulness with storied ways of making sense of life and relationships.

Exercises highlighting the importance of embodied mindful awareness in therapy will build knowledges and skills for working with feelings, thoughts, actions, and felt-senses.
Training segments will include:
· Minding the body: what’s most obvious?
· No hard feelings: attraction, dislike, and distraction
· Mindfulness isn’t what you think…or is it: mindfulness and remembering
· Mindfulness, introspection, and critical reflection: how are they related?

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