Date(s) - 29/07/2019
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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Males can be feminists too!

 This year’s theme for AAFT Monday evening PD will be “Honouring Women who have inspired us and how the inspirations are reflected in our practice”. 

 Presenter: Rosemary Watkins


Rosemary will facilitate a conversation on the feminist approach to family therapy. “Feminism prompted Family Therapy’s rudest awakening” not only challenging the absence of context for therapy practice at the time, but challenging systems theory itself. (Nichols p,225)

The challenge it brought to the existing status quo sought to raise awareness on the context of Family Therapy as requiring an inclusion of social, political and gender aspects. While today, in Rosemary’s view, family therapy practitioners are much more aware of such contexts and the practice is much more egalitarian, there is still some way to go.

Come and share your views and insights in working from a feminist perspective. What does it mean to be a feminist family therapist? At a recent workshop, one of the male therapist participants said: “I think I have just realised that I am working from a feminist perspective…. can male therapists be feminist family therapists too”? Hence the title of my presentation and ‘’thank you’’ to the young man who voiced it.  I invite you to come prepared to share, as much, if not more, than you listen. In preparation, please reflect on the women (or men) in your life both personally and professionally, that first sowed the seeds of feminism that you still draw upon today? I invite you also to reflect on the place (if any) of polarization in feminist thinking today.  There will be an invitation to action, movement and reflection included in the presentation.

About Rosemary:

Rosemary is an experienced therapist, trainer and group facilitator who has worked with individuals, couples and families for over twenty-three years, following a prior career in Intensive Care Nursing.   She holds a Master’s degree in human services; has extensive training in Couples and Family Therapy and a nationally accredited Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling; A Diploma in Child Psychotherapy; a Cert IV in workplace training and assessment and is a registered clinician and clinical supervisor with PACFA and a clinical member and accredited supervisor with AAFT.

Rosemary is a member of the training team at the William Street Family Therapy Centre in Mount Lawley, Western Australia, providing training and supervision to the Graduate Diploma in Family & Relationship Therapy trainees. See website:

The main focuses of her practice are relationships, and loss and grief. Rosemary currently provides training and supervision to various agencies in Perth and has provided training to professionals in London, Ireland, Singapore and The Netherlands in addition to tertiary settings in Perth. She also offers courses in Meditation/Mindfulness/Relaxation practices and runs Residential Workshop/Retreats for Therapists and other health professionals.

To contact Rosemary please phone: 0401 903 208 or email to:   Web: