Please be advised that entries are now open for the 2024 Family Therapist’s Award for Children’s Literature.


Awards Categories

  • Children’s/youth novel
  • Younger readers’/picture book

A $1,500 Award for each category will be presented to the winning authors and illustrators.

Closing Date: 1 May 2024

To enter a book, you will need to send a copy to each of the four members of the Family Therapist’s Award Committee. The criteria for entry is below. Details for where to send the books can be obtained by the contact form below and will be sent in reply email.


  • The book should be in English and first published in 2023, either in Australia or if published overseas then the author and illustrator must a) be Australian citizens or b) have lived in Australia for the two years immediately preceding the year of publication.

  • The book should be appealing to children.

  • The book should contain a realistic and balanced depiction of family life according to what are known to be the characteristics of a family developing and evolving in a healthy manner. Such a family may evidence some or all of the following:

    • it progresses through some credible obstacle to the full development of one or more of its members
    • it copes with a crisis in ways which do not restrict the present or future options of family members
    • it contains at least one family member who works for a solution that has potential for positive impact on other family members
    • it treats all of its members with respect
    • it displays a full emotional range

    It is expected that these characteristics will be displayed by a range of family configurations, e.g. couple family, re-partnered parents and step-children, parents with or without grandparents or other relatives living in the home, single parent.

  • If contemporary, the book should embody the more enlightened values of the present. It should not invite its readers to accept racist or sexist attitudes or unthinkingly condemn unfamiliar customs and values, although some characters, like people, may display such racist, sexist, or prejudiced behaviour.

  • The author should portray people credibly and sympathetically, demonstrating respect for each member of the family and showing understanding of the constraints under which these individuals live and act.

  • If a book claims to be historical then it should be, as far as possible, historically correct, without rewriting history in the image of today.
  • If minorities are portrayed, they should be with understanding and accuracy.

It is hoped that awards will be made for both a Children’s novel and a younger readers’ or Picture Book published in 2023. In the case of an illustrated book the prize will be equally divided between the author and the illustrator.

Contact us

For information on how to enter, please submit form below with subject ‘Book Award’