Due to the pandemic, we had to transform this program into an online adventure. New pedagogies
were developed, Dulwich Centre was transformed into a film studio, and Aboriginal faculty member
Tileah Drahm-Butler and her family created a morale boosting online Dance Academy. Weekly
‘Meet the author’ sessions were developed as ‘pop-up communities’ and regional/country groups
facilitated by graduates were established. Unexpectedly, the innovative local practice projects
developed by students were just as sparkling and significant as they had been when the program
was face-to-face. Because of this, and because of the continuing effects of the pandemic in
various parts of the world, we will be offering this Masters online in 2024.

This program is practice-based and involves participants honing their narrative skills and
innovating forms of narrative practice in their own contexts. We are excited about what this
means for the continuing development of diverse narrative practices

The diversity of participants is a particular highlight with graduates from Rwanda, Singapore,
Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, China, Tanzania, Ireland, Chile, South Africa,
Denmark, Qatar, Turkey, Mexico, India, New Zealand and the UK. There is also a strong Aboriginal/
First Nations representation on both the faculty and among students (the program has been
awarded the Excellence and Innovation in Indigenous Higher Education Award).

This Master’s program is co-ordinated by Dulwich Centre, taught by our international faculty
and in conjunction with Australia’s leading university, the University of Melbourne. If you are
interested in undertaking this Masters at the University of Melbourne/Dulwich Centre in 2024
without having to travel to Adelaide to do so, please write to us at dcp@dulwichcentre.com.au

Or look up this website: