Bower Place would like to offer AAFT members one free How do I? short training session focussing on facilitating online family therapy consultations. Presented by Catherine Sanders – Bower Place Director, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist.

Swinburne University of Technology has prepared “A Practical Guide to Video Mental Health Consultation” that AAFT members may find helpful.



Hello fellow members,

There have been a lot of questions regarding what level of security is needed to use a video conferencing platform for psychotherapy. From what I understand, from the guidelines set by CRPO and other regulatory bodies, there needs to be:

·  Private and trusted internet connection (no public/free Wi-Fi)

·  The device is password protected, set to update automatically and has automatically updated security software- Windows information – Apple information

·  Client gives express consent to using video conferencing and agrees to ensure that their device and internet are secure

·  Sessions are recorded only if the client has provided express consent

·  Video conferencing platform employs end-to-end encryption

·  Platform provides unique access codes for each client and, as appropriate, each session

Zoom breaches / insecurities

As you may have seen, for those relying on Zoom meetings to conduct video meetings, there have been some warning signs / concerns with the security of the product.  Many IT companies are now not recommending that any of our customers utilise Zoom meetings based on the recommendations by the FBI (link to CNN article), as not only is there a chance of being eves dropped, but in the last day or so, there have also been announcements of many of the Zoom meetings (over 100,000 of them) have been published on the web for all to see these confidential interactions.

Doxy, and OnCall all meet these guidelines regarding the video conferencing platforms. The security of your computer and your internet connection is up to you to verify.

I am in negotiations with OnCall to get us discounts (probably 20%) on their different services. They are a Canadian company and they have some great features that can make your private practice/clinic work much easier and less time consuming. I hope to be able to send an email with this discount by the end of the week.