I have been doing clinical work with families and group supervision with professionals for over 45 years. I started in the U.S. in the early 70’s, and then for many years I was based in Rome at the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia and more recently in Western Australia. I have been supervising therapists all over the world, trying to look for an integration between the professional role and the therapist as a person. The group supervision becomes a special lab to search for the therapist’s humanity and creativity and to help professionals to move from interventions aimed to fix the problems that families and couples bring in therapy to elicit individual and relational resources inside the family system. During the course, the supervisees will learn how to use themselves fully and how to move in the therapeutic space, how to ask relational questions and to observe body language, how to build up living genograms and do family sculptures, a great tool to feel people’s pain and disconnection.

Each participant is expected to present a case (a couple, a family or an individual client) in supervision or to bring in a family to do a live consultation with me and the active presence of the group. Occasionally, I will show segments of my clinical work and very special lectures.

I suggest the participants to have a previous knowledge of my theoretical background and my clinical work by readings two books of mine: Teen Voices (co-author Anna Mascellani), Wisdom Moon Publisher (2013) and Multigenerational Family Therapy, Routledge Publisher (2017).

– Maurizio Andolfi

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