Anne Holloway

WAFTA Committee Member 2006 – 2014
AAFT WA State Representative 2015 2021

In 2006, Aldo Gurgone, Director of the William Street Family Therapy Centre, Perth WA and Roxanne Garven, Director Systemic Consultation and Training, Perth, WA, hosted a meeting of 40 people interested in working with families. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an update on developments in the field of family therapy in Australia; discuss the development of an Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) and to determine whether there was sufficient interest to set up a group or an association here in WA. It was decided in 2006 to become the WA Family Therapy Association (WAFTA) consisting of eight members on the Committee.

WAFTA Provided:-

  • Regular professional development meetings with guest speakers
  • A route to publicising information and to increase the profile of family therapy
  • Linking to national initiatives
  • Opportunities to meet others working with families
  • Providing a forum for innovation
  • Exploring the different ways of working with families
  • Supervision register
  • Support for research and publications

From 2006 until 2014 bi-monthly meetings were held as well as:-

  • Regular professional development meetings with guest speaker four times a year
  • A quarterly newsletter to publicize WAFTA information and to increase the profile of family therapy
  • Linking to national initiatives. Aldo Gurgone and Roxanne Garven have been the WA representatives on the National working party to establish a National Association of Family Therapists. Roxanne Garven also represents WA on the ANZ Journal of Family Therapy.
  • Establishing state membership with the ANZ Journal Subscriptions

At that time there were 100 on the email list and 26 members receiving the ANZJFT. Today there are Professional and General members and Clinical Members.

Since its beginnings’ in 2006 WAFTA has hosted 2 Symposiums; in 2011 and 2015 and the Annual AAFT Conference in 2012. All three were very successful in terms of attendance and finances.

There are two Accredited courses in WA:-

William Street Family Therapy Centre
Director| Aldo Gurgone

Systemic Consultation Centre
Director| Roxanne Garven