Anne Holloway | Angela Ranallo | WA State Representatives

Notice to WA AAFT Members and Colleagues:-

We are informing members and colleagues that due to the AAFT National Conference being held in Perth  on the 10th and 11th of September,2020; the WA AAFT PD Committee are concentrating all efforts on organising this event. Consequently we apologise and regret that we do not have the resources this year to  facilitate regular PD events in 2020.

We welcome your support in attending the AAFT National  2020 Conference, pre and post one day workshops showcasing local Indigenous, Psychologist and family therapist presenters as well as honouring one of our experienced family therapist contribution to the field of family therapy.
The WA Conference Committee  have been committed in providing this Conference on the theme of Distances -Generational Impact of displacement and resettlement with some very exciting local, interstate and International presenters. It is a not to be missed event in our home State.

Please click on the link to view the Conference and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Anne Holloway and Angela Ranallo
State Representative| WA Branch
Australian Association of Family Therapy ( AAFT)

2019 Professional Development presentations:

25 March

The Influence of Women
Anne Holloway and Angela Ranallo

6 May

Mara Selvini Palazzoli and the continuous review of her own ideas: The forcefulness of the first Pioneer of Family Therapy in Italy
Lorena Cavalieri

29 July

Rosemary Watkins

23 September

Kirsty Oehlers

Besides the regular PD’s over the years. WAFTA also organised: –

Symposium                 2011
National Conference   2012
Symposium                 2015
PD                               2016 (Numbers increased up to 30 attendees)
PD                               2017

2018 Professional Development presentations:

3 Feb

Culture and Family Therapy
Dr. Takeshi Tamura

19 March

Tribute to the Life and Work of Salvador Minuchin
Maurizio Andolfi

3 May

Working with Adolescents and their families strategically and briefly
Raymond Ho

21 May

Co-Therapy in Family Therapy
Aldo Gurgone and Cindy Koh

16 July

Teaching Open Dialogue in Family Therapy
Roxanne Gaven and Jennifer Brown

24 September

Young people and narrative ways of working
Ian Percy and Chris Darmody

8 October

Mother and Son
Moshe Lang

2017 Professional Development presentations:

13 March

Therapy with diverse families undergoing complex transformations”
Maurizio Andolfi & Lorena Cavalieri

8 May

Creative Tools: Using Music in Systemic Family Therapy
Bridie Fitzgerald

10 July

Manifesting the Unseen: Sculpting in Systemic Family Therapy
Anne Holloway

11 September

Rituals, Customs and Celebrations around Grief and Loss in Diverse Cultures

11 November

Creative Tools: using Art in Systemic Family Therapy

2016 Professional Development presentations:

14 March

Let the client’s context inform practice: A Case Study
Roxanne Garven

20 June

The Suicidal Adolescent in Family Therapy
Paul McNeela

29 August

How to Support Families when a member of the family is suicidal Therapist Reflections
Aldo Gurgone

6 – 7 October

Resilience – Responding to Loss and Trauma
Moshe Lang


History of Professional Development in WA
AAFTWA Branch Report March 2017
AAFTWA Branch Report March 2018

Anne Holloway | Angela Ranallo
State Representatives | WA Branch