AAFT WA Branch Report, 13th March 2017

Anne Holloway | WA State Representative | aaftwa.staterep@gmail.com

As the State Rep of the WA Branch of the Incorporated Australian Association of Family Therapy, I would like to welcome you all to our first Professional Development for 2017. We are opening the first PD of 2017 as the new AAFT WA Branch with a State Representative and support group of interested, dedicated and passionate professionals to provide you with Professional Development events to promote family therapy in WA.

In 2011 the Victorian Association of Family Therapy (VAFT) officially transitioned to become the national association of family therapy, Australian Assoc of Family Therapy (AAFT). VAFT began with some 15 members; AAFT now boasts over 900 members with 70% Clinical Members and 30% Associate Members. As of June 2016, WA has 40 Associate Members and 35 Clinical Members.

As AAFT has undergone changes to become a National body, WA has also been impacted. We have transitioned from WAFTA with a Chairperson, Aldo Gurgone with a Committee to the WA Branch of AAFT with a State Representative and a group of enthusiastic volunteers who assist the State Representative. These are currently: –

Anne Holloway- State Representative
Marie Louise Collins
Angela Ranallo
Robyn Loughrey
Kate Barrett-Lennard
Paul McNeela

I would like to honour Aldo Gurgone as one of the founding members of the Western Australian Family Therapy Association (WAFTA) which operated from 1982 – 2000 with Aldo Gurgone and Jim Crawley. Aldo has kept family therapy alive in WA with his family therapy training programmes at William Street; many workshop presentations around the State and creating an Association. Consequently, he has a phenomenal presentation in Family Therapy in this State. If Dr. Geoff Goding was the Foundation President and is regarded as the grandfather of Australian Family Therapy Nationally; having introduced the approach in 1970 to the Bouverie Clinic in Melbourne, then Aldo is the grandfather of Family Therapy in WA.

In April 2006, Aldo and Roxanne Garven hosted a meeting for those interested in working with families; approximately 40 people attended. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an update on developments in the field of family therapy in Australia, specifically to discuss the development of an Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) and to determine whether there was sufficient interest to set up a group or an association here in WA. It was decided in 2006 to become the WA Family Therapy Interest Group of which initially there were eight members.

At the April 2006 meeting, there were conversations about what people wanted from the group; the first being regular professional development meetings with guest speakers. This fits with the Objectives of the current National Assoc of AAFT i.e. The purpose of the Professional Development presentations is to promote family therapy in the State of WA and to increase membership of AAFT.

History of Professional Development in WA

Besides the regular PD’s over the years. WAFTA also organised a: –

Symposium                                         2011
National Conference                         2012
Symposium                                         2015
PD                                                         2016 (Numbers increased up to 30 attendees)
PD                                                         2017
National Conference                         2018 (Broome?)

PD Presentations in 2016

14th March Roxanne Garven “Let the client’s context inform practice: A Case Study” Attendance – 25
20th June Paul McNeela “The Suicidal Adolescent in Family Therapy.” Attendance – 35
29th August Aldo Gurgone “How to Support Families when a member of the family is suicidal Therapist Reflections.”
6th – 7th October Moshe Lang “Resilience – Responding to Loss and Trauma 2 days



Theme for 2017 Professional Development presentations:

Creativity in Systemic Family therapy 

13 March Therapy with diverse families undergoing complex transformations”
Maurizio Andolfi & Lorena Cavalieri
8 May Creative Tools: Using Music in Systemic Family Therapy
Bridie Fitzgerald
10 July Manifesting the Unseen: Sculpting in Systemic Family Therapy
Anne Holloway
11 September Rituals, Customs and Celebrations around Grief and Loss in Diverse Cultures
11 November Creative Tools: using Art in Systemic Family Therapy

It is now my pleasure to welcome Maurizio Andolfi and Lorena Cavalieri this evening to present a workshop titled “Therapy with diverse families undergoing complex transformations.” We decided on this title because WAFTA has undergone transformation in the past couple of years and is now officially the WA Branch of AAFT.

Anne Holloway
State Representative | WA Branch


AAFT WA Events

“How Music Therapy practices can enrich Systemic and Family Therapy”
Presented by Bridie Fitzgerald

This professional development will offer you:      

*An overview of music therapy, in particular the role it plays when working with families.
*Insight into the therapeutic role music can play in the everyday life of you and your clients.
*A demonstration of how music therapy works in a family context and the interventions that can be adapted by therapists who are not registered music therapists.
*An examination of how music therapy can strengthen, repair and restore relationships within the family system and how you can adapt these interventions when working therapeutically with families.

Time:  6pm – 7.15pm
Dates:  8 May 2017
Venue: Helping Minds, 182 Lord Street, Perth

Register here:  How Music Therapy practices can enrich Systemic and Family Therapy

Other WA Events

Clinical Supervision Course for Family Therapists with Prof. MAURIZIO ANDOLFI

I have been doing clinical work with families and group supervision with professionals for over 45 years. I started in the U.S. in the early 70’s, and then for many years I was based in Rome at the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia and more recently in Western Australia. I have been supervising therapists all over the world, trying to look for an integration between the professional role and the therapist as a person. The group supervision becomes a special lab to search for the therapist’s humanity and creativity and to help professionals to move from interventions aimed to fix the problems that families and couple bring in therapy to elicit individual and relational resources inside the family system. During the course, the supervisees will learn how to use themselves fully and the therapeutic space, how to ask relational questions and to observe body language, how to build up living genograms and do sculptures, which a great tool to feel peoples’ pain and disconnection. Each participant is expected to present a case (a couple, a family or an individual client) in supervision or to bring in a family to do a live consultation with me and the active presence of the group. Occasionally, I will show segments of my clinical work and very special lectures. I suggest that it is useful for participants to have previous knowledge of my theoretical background and my clinical work by readings two books of mine: Teen Voices (co-author Anna Mascellani), Wisdom Moon Publisher (2013) and Multigenerational Family Therapy, Routledge Publisher (2017).
– Maurizio Andolfi

Download flier for registration and more information PERTH Clinical_Supervision FLYER_Def.

AASW WA Branch: Child and Family Therapy Counselling: Re-authoring Narrative Supervision Group

The AASW invites you to our Child & Family Therapy Counselling: Re-authoring Narrative Supervision Group run by Angela Ranallo, AASW – Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. Angela will be running 5 supervision sessions from March to August for those who wish to integrate narrative and creative practices in their work with children, young people and families. This Supervision group offers a space and encouragement to immerse yourself reflexively in the ideas, philosophy and practices and will include live interviews, guided practice exercises and opportunities for reflections and questions.

Time:  9am – 11 am
Dates:  12 April, 17 May, 12 July, 16 August 2017
Venue: Conference Room, City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi Street West Perth 6005

Register here:  http://www.aasw.asn.au/events/event/AAy-therapy-counselling-re-authoring-narrative-supervision-group

The Window of Tolerance: Making Sense of Effects of Trauma With Children, Young People and Families

The Window of Tolerance Is a visual and concrete metaphor that enables us to talk about and make sense of the tolerable/intolerable feelings, sensations, thoughts and actions. We all operate within and/or out of the window of tolerance at different times in different situations and relationships. Our emotional responses or reactions are influenced by multiple factors during interactions with others. Trauma, has the potential of bringing about disruptions to personal neurobiological, psychological, emotional and social development, having implications on various relational domains.

Dates:  Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm 28 July 2017
Venue: Conference Room, 544 William Street, Mount Lawley, WA
Cost: $165 inc GST

Registration and more information HERE

2017 Postgraduate Training in Narrative Therapy
An Introduction to Narrative Approaches in Therapy

People often arrive for therapy with a sense of despair and feelings of failure concerning their lives and relationships. Narrative Therapy seeks to acknowledge their concerns as well as recognise that people’s lives are multi-storied and they do possess certain knowledge and skills that can address their difficulties. The narrative questions that therapists ask can have generative and healing effects for people through the identification and rich development of alternative and preferred stories that take them to hopeful possibilities.

Course Curriculum
This 32 hour course provides a comprehensive introduction for newcomers to Narrative Therapy, a way to become more skilful for people who have some familiarity with narrative and an excellent review for more experienced practitioners. The key ideas and practices of Narrative Therapy will be covered in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere with many opportunities for trainees to try out various methods. Participants will explore the connections between storied lives and recent developments in neuroscience and mindfulness. As people learn in different ways, this concentrated practice-based course will be facilitated through a variety of teaching methods including

  • guided exercises
  • demonstration interviews
  • role-plays
  • group discussions
  • DVDs of the originators of Narrative Therapy
  • reading seminal articles and other literature

Dates: Part 1 – Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 May 2017
Dates: Part 2 – Thursday 20 and Friday 21 July 2017
Venue: Conference Room, Saint Catherine’s House, 113 Tyler St, Tuart

Registration and more information HERE

2017 Postgraduate Training in Narrative Therapy
Collaborating on Narrative Responses to Trauma: Addressing the Consequences of Abuse and Adversity

The stories people tell themselves and others about traumatic events do affect how they live their present and future lives. While the actual events and their effects can be helpfully explored, a narrative approach also seeks to bring forth and richly describe people’s responses to traumas. Often these responses have been, and still may be, of value to the person. Typically, these ‘response stories’ are undeveloped or completely

Keeping this in mind, participants in this workshop will consider how we might collaborate on storylines that understand and acknowledge people’s responses to trauma. We will consider how to:

  • Assist people to tell the unsaid stories: noticing details and asking helpful questions about them
  • Identify and name resistance to traumatic events: thoughts, feelings or actions taken that reduced the negative effects at the time and/or later
  • Relate to traumatic incidents from a safe place outside the trauma story
  • Bring forth a valued sense of self in spite of the effects of trauma

Dates:  Thursday 20 and Friday 21 April 2017
Venue: Conference Room, Saint Catherine’s House, 113 Tyler St, Tuart

Registration and more information HERE



Anne Holloway
WA State Representative