Noel Giblett is a Clinical Social Worker with 30 years as a relationship counsellor and 40 years of Marriage. His book titled ‘Marriage is for Grown Ups’ is for those Relationships and Marriages that are strongly committed and into enriching their relationships. Noel has provided the reader with a mix of his professional experience with personal insights and wisdom. There are some very interesting chapter titles such as ‘Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth,’ a play on ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’.

The title of the book portrays Marriage as two people who are equal and bring with them their perfections and imperfections. At the same time, he recognises gender differences as in the chapter on ‘Sex and other mysteries’ (another great title). Noel also brings a systemic and developmental perspective as he includes the change in the relationship with the birth of children, teenage years and extended family that all influence and impact the marital journey. It is an excellent self-help book and the reflecting questions at the end of chapters may be beneficial for professionals to utilise in their practice.

Anne Holloway |State Representative WA AAFT
Clinical Social Worker | Relationship and Family Therapist
Clinical Member of AAFT (Australian Association of Family Therapy)

The book is $25. EFT Details: NR Giblett BSB 306 050 Account 065253-3