15th February – 5th April 2023
26th April – 17th May 2023

“Being Sensitive to Families” With Anne Holloway

A 12-week /3 hours per week introductory clinical based training for practitioners interested in establishing how to engage with family’s wider system. Being sensitive to families or family sensitive practice is any work role that is performed in a way that is inclusive, understanding, and respectful to families and other significant relationships, including their social and cultural roles.

The course will be collaborative, interactive, dynamic, self-reflective, experiential with live demonstrations, role plays, case discussion. It will acknowledge the diverse professional lenses of knowledge, skills and experience practitioners bring to the training.

Anne is an Accredited Mental health Social Worker (AASW) and Clinical Family Therapist Supervisor with the Australian Assoc of Family Therapy (AAFT); training professionals in family and systemic interventions for over 20 years.