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An Introduction to Narrative Approaches in Therapy 

October and November 2020

Who is this training for?
Tertiary qualified professionals in health or social sciences including the fields of counselling, social work,
psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, nursing, chaplaincy, and occupational therapy. Other applicants with
significant relevant work experience and therapeutic aptitude will be considered.

About the training
People often arrive for therapy with a sense of despair and feelings of failure concerning their lives and relationships. Narrative Therapy seeks to acknowledge their concerns as well as recognise that people’s lives are multi-storied and they do possess certain knowledges and skills that can address their difficulties.
The narrative questions that therapists ask can have generative and healing effects for people through the identification and rich development of alternative and preferred stories that take them to hopeful possibilities.

Course Curriculum
This revised 4 day course provides a practical comprehensive training in contemporary Narrative Therapy. Highly regarded foundational skills will include externalising the problem with individuals, couples and families, identifying unique outcomes, and plotting constructive initiatives through time and context. The somatic and affective dimensions of narrative approaches will be covered. Participants will learn how to create histories of valued lives through remembering conversations.

Key ideas and practices will be covered in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere with many opportunities for trainees to try out various methods. Further, the philosophy, values and ethics that underpin Narrative Therapy will be presented in an accessible way. These knowledges and skills can enrich and sustain new and desirable developments in people’s lives. As people learn in different ways, this concentrated practice-based course may be facilitated through a variety of teaching methods including:

  • guided exercises
  • demonstration interviews
  • roleplays
  • group discussions
  • DVDs of the originators of Narrative Therapy
  • reading seminal articles and other literature

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