Some of you may have already been informed of AAFT ‘s decision to temporarily suspend its membership of PACFA. It is most unfortunate that this information was not directly conveyed to you, as intended and for this we apologise. It would have indeed been more prudent to have made this knowledge known as soon as possible to our members however there were details with PACFA that required finalisation.

It is the AAFT committee’s hope that you are all aware this decision has not been taken lightly and follows years of conversation, debate and consultation. We have taken all steps possible over these years to ensure that all voices have been heard and perspectives considered and far from failing to consider our membership have assiduously followed process.  This has been a lengthy process rather than a decision that was reversed due to member responses and a decision ultimately based on the best interests and views of all our members and not just the most vocal.

The committee will, as mentioned continue to assess the viability of PACFA to all members in the future and in order to facilitate any further decisions, any and all input will be highly valued in continuing our internal discussions and assessments.

Kind regards,

AAFT Committee of Management