“The History and Principles of Family Therapy”
A Monograph by Geoff Goding

Dr Geoff Goding’s 30 page monograph is one of the most clearly articulated brief appraisals of the development and structure of family therapy that is available in Australia. It gives newcomers to the field a comprehensive guide to the history of principles and practice in family therapy, while providing the student of family therapy a clear guide through models over time. The monograph provides the experienced therapist with a refreshingly inclusive summary of past thinking, to remind us that there is nothing new under the sun. There is also some critical review of ongoing tensions and problems around the politics of our work. In Goding’s words, “I have described some of the many themes which contributed to the rich harmony of family therapy; like good music, the tension between themes contributes to that richness” The ‘History and Principles’ plays a fine tune.

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Goding Monograph Cover