The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia

Williams Road Family Therapy Centre

Alma Family Therapy Centre

The Bouverie Centre

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Systemic Consultation Centre

 William Street Family Therapy Centre

Australia and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy (ANZJFT)
“The ANZJFT is more than just another journal. It’s a great resource for the thinking systemic practitioner. It gets the right mix of contemporary interests in the field, from research and theory to new ideas, all the while keeping its feet well planted in the fertile soil of reflective practice.”
Isobel Reilly, Director Family Therapy Training Programmes, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Australian Institute of Family Studies
The Institute is an Australian government research and information agency established in 1980 to promote the identification and understanding of factors affecting marital and family stability in Australia.

Anxiety Disorder Association of Victoria
The Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria was founded in 1994 (previously known as the Kew Anxiety and Panic Disorders Support Group) and was incorporated in 1999. ADAVIC provides support groups that offer friendship, encouragement and recovery management. ADAVIC’s aim is to assist people who suffer from Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Generalised Anxiety and Depression.