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In 2018, AAFT is asking members to inform the office of all other professional associations they are a member of.  This will be an ongoing requirement of all members to provide this information annually.  Please fill out this form: Contact Details update/ANZJFT hardcopy request/Online referral service FORM and return to the AAFT office via email or post.

Filling out the below form will also be useful if you would like to gain access to the following services:

  • The online “Find a therapist”/”Find a supervisor” referral services (Clinical Members only)
  • The “Member’s Login” section of the website which offers access to:
  • The Australia and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy (ANZJFT)
  • The Journal of Family Therapy (JFT)
  • AAFT Newsletter library
  • Professional Development PowerPoint presentations and videos
  • The AAFTNews and fortnightly Bulletin which are now distributed electronically via email to members.
    In order to access these services AAFT will require a current email address, so it is very important that you return this completed form to the AAFT office.
  • AAFT also offers members the opportunity to receive the ANZJFT in hardcopy for additional $35.00 annually. To receive this service please fill in the details below with a current mailing address and tick the box requesting this membership feature.

Advertising with AAFT:


AAFT Advertising Policy

  1. All relevant professional development activities have free listing by hyperlink on the AAFT website
  2. Reciprocal arrangements are required to be negotiated on the basis of the contribution by the person requesting marketing support by AAFT. These could include provision of venues for AAFT events, marketing of AAFT events on their mailing list, and active promotion and support of AAFT.
  3. The Advertising of any event is at the discretion of the State, Territory or Regional Representatives and requests will be directed to them from AAFT admin.
  4. Rational for this is to build a family therapy community with strong reciprocal ties to other relevant professional groups

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Requirements for Clinical Membership for Victorian Applicants

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Guidelines for Special Consideration Application for Clinical Membership

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ANZJFT Hardcopy Request:

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