The Australian Association of Family Therapy Inc (AAFT) is a voluntary nonprofit organisation. It was founded in 1979 as a development from the Family Therapy Interest Group based in Melbourne and was incorporated in 1989.

The organisation’s aims are:

  • To foster and advance clinical practice and theory formation in family therapy and
  • To develop relevant training programs.

AAFT achieves these aims by:

  • Stimulating appropriate research
  • Establishing suitable standards and
  • Promoting public awareness of relevant social issues.

AAFT offers two tiers of membership, Associate and Clinical.

AAFT Objectives


  • AAFT will provide resources to build the clinical competence of its members
  • AAFT will provide resources and services to build the competence of supervisors and teachers in providing supervision and training


  • AAFT will build an inclusive, connected and cohesive organisations, with a commitment to the practice of Family Therapy and its members throughout Australia


  • AAFT will do the best possible in the deliver of all its services. This includes providing services in a respectful, accessible, timely and user friendly format and manner.


  • AAFT will define what is required of effective family therapy training, ongoing supervision and education standards


  • AAFT will promote the full spectrum of FT ideas and practices to membership, government, the community, mental health care providers and their employers and Associations
  • AAFT will develop relationships with community organisations and relevant government bodies.


  • AAFT will develop a Good Governance and Feedback framework which will collaboratively enhance the national association and its state branches