Mara Selvini Palazzoli.

Resonances between life and profession

Documentary By: Federico Selvini


Date: 11 August 2023

Time: 6PM (AWST), 8PM (AEST), 12PM (ROME TIME)

Fee: Free for AAFT Members


The Mara Selvini Palazzoli School of Psychotherapy has produced a documentary: “Mara Selvini Palazzoli: Resonances between Life and Profession”.


Directed by Mara’s grandson, Federico Selvini, the documentary portrays one of the most influential Family Therapy pioneers and an expert in the field

of anorexia.


The scientific impact of the book Paradox and Counter-Paradox, (1975), which she co-authored with Luigi Boscolo, Gianfranco Cecchin and

Giuliana Prata, has been paralleled in Family Therapy to The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud in individual therapy.


Clinical scientist, mother, daughter and life companion. Mara’s story can be read as an example of a woman who could visualise and create a path

towards freedom for herself. Mara’s life story is a reflection of the woman and the therapist she became, which in turn influenced her important model of psychotherapy.


An emblematic story of resilience, her abandonment at birth, her difficult childhood followed by re-connection with her family, the necessity to

re-create new links, and the development of the self-critic and observation, all contributed to the development of her model of psychotherapy.


Mara’s life is retraced through personal documents which include family pictures and videos filmed by her husband Aldo, an old diary found in a drawer, and memories of her children, Michele, Anna and Matteo. This is followed by interviews with three of her patients in the 70’ & 80’s: Nora of the Casanti family in Paradox and Counter-paradox; Andrea, aged 20, with a severe psychotic decompensation; and

Roberto Mazza who later became a Psychotherapist and teacher at the School. All provide evidence of Mara’s therapeutic style.


There is also participation from Paola Di Blasio, Alfredo Canevaro, Stefano Cirillo, Matteo Selvini, and Anna Maria Sorrentino. All of whom

share her human and scientific endeavours, providing a whole description of Mara, the person and the therapist.


In May the school made the documentary accessible in four versions: The original in Italian, with subtitles in English, Spanish and French.


We are now thrilled and honoured to launch this documentary to an Australian audience.

* Introduction: Matteo Selvini & Deisy Amorin-Woods -15 mins

* Presentations by Maurizio Andolfi, Umberta Telfener, & Mary Joe Barrett – 30 minutes

* Documentary – 1.15mins

* Q&A: Matteo Selvini & Deisy Amorin-Woods -15 mins


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