Who is this training for?

Tertiary qualified professionals in health or social sciences including the fields of counselling, social work, psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, nursing, teaching, chaplaincy, and occupational therapy. Other applicants with significant relevant work experience and therapeutic aptitude will be considered.

About the training

This experiential and practical training moves beyond common understandings of both mindfulness and Narrative Therapy. It offers fresh ways to address problems and enrich life and relationships. Ian Percy will draw on decades of practicing and teaching Narrative Therapy and over 40 years of meditation, including mindfulness skills, from spiritual and secular contexts.

In a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, participants will be guided through personal mind training skills to enhance attentional and emotional balance. Adopting its ancient meaning, mindfulness will be linked with memory of the present, the past and the future. Exercises highlighting the importance of embodied and storied mindful awareness will build knowledges and skills for working with feelings, thoughts, actions, and felt-senses.

Enhanced skills acquisition include:
• Attending to the somatic and the story as expressions of distress, as statements of position, and as entry points to preferred storylines
• How to create purposeful narrative-informed questions to enhance therapeutic outcomes
• Storying constructive initiatives through time and context: somatic, affective resonance and mental perception
• Narrative and mindfulness as pathways to new and valued lives and relationships
• Sustaining initiatives
• Practices of therapeutic mindfulness, brief mindfulness meditation, mindfulness in daily life

As people learn in different ways, this training will be facilitated through a variety of teaching methods including:
• guided mindfulness and narrative exercises • skills building demonstration interviews
• roleplays
• group discussions
• reading key literature prior to the workshop

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